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Every­thing new
always begins
with an idea

Change perspective - Fresh ideas for you!


Hi I am Carsten - the IDEATOR

Vision, creativity and conceptual, empathic thinking and acting determine my being. So it's not about fast money, marketing tricks or profit maximization, but about change, creativity and personal growth. - When you grow, your project grows automatically.

"I am part of the change I want to see in the world. Therefore, I actively shape my reality through my being and actions."

This is how this offer and this website came into being - a starting point for a change of perspective, unusual things, ideas, for solutions instead of problems, for abundance instead of scarcity, for joint, sustainable thinking and action, for fun and joy in great projects that the world really needs.

Welcome to a place where ideas for a positive digital world are born, full of solutions, possibilities and creative ideas for all who share this planet. This way of thinking is not always easy - but once you experience it, a wonderful gift!

If you want to learn more about me, take your time and have a look here to see if I am the person who can enrich your life and actions.

If so - reach out for a contactKontakt

How I will enrich your business development

How I can support your self-development?

Why I founded THE IDEATOR?

After more than 25 years of self-employment and numerous projects, I asked myself what really fulfills me and how I could contribute with what fulfills me something for the benefit of all and not just a few.

THE IDEATOR exist because:

  • I didn't feel like using the word "but" anymore.

  • I am sure that old ways of thinking rarely lead to new solutions.

  • often lose sight of the "big picture" because of all the business methods and templates.

  • it's time to recognize that creative, new ideas are the fuel of this world. So it's not about more power, fame or success for individuals.

  • Adversities are in fact often opportunities that need to be taken advantage of, even if you often perceive them differently at first.

  • it requires people with attitude, enthusiasm, courage and ethical thinking who want to try new things. In this way they become part of a solution even if they sometimes seem to fail.

  • it needs more people who want to be infected with a virus that changes the world positively. The idea virus!

What you can get here?

Support on your way for your project in an increasingly digital world because teamwork = dreamwork!

What exactly you need is mainly determined by you and your project!

Do you already have specific questions that you would like to work on or do you need support to find the right questions? Are you looking for a new shape, color or technical solution? Do you need someone who won't tell you how hard everything is and why your project can't work?

Here you get a partner who helps you to bring your idea into the ever more growing digital world. In any case you get a part of my lifetime and my full attention - without "ifs" and "buts".

Of course you will also get all my experience from the most different projects of the last 25 years and as far as possible my help and support to realize your project and your way.

How does it work?

Easier than you might think!

  • Use the contact form to make an appointment with me. We can either meet face to face, in a ZOOM video conference or talk by phone.

  • Ideally, you can already give me a brief overview of your goals and questions - if not, we can of course work these out together during our meetings.

  • During our conversation I make suggestions for solutions, ask questions that you can use for reflection and further development or show you sources that can help you to move forward.

  • Wenn du das Gefühl hast das ich der richtige Begleiter für dich und dein Projekt bin besprechen wir alle Details für eine gemeinsame Zusammenarbeit.

The right idea at the right time is priceless

Some projects never see the light of day simply because the person who wants to execute the project lacks the necessary funds for professional assistance. I have set my prices at the lower end of the market's standard rates.

When you engage my services, you pay a low, fixed base price specifically calculated for your project. If you believe that my work is worth more than what I have charged, you are welcome to donate any amount that you deem appropriate afterward. These donations indirectly benefit others by enabling me to work on projects that contribute to society. Alternatively, I can freely share my ideas with people who can make use of them, as they, in turn, passionately advance initiatives that create a positive impact for many.

Want to start something individual now?

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